Challan 280: Challan Status Enquiry and Form Download

Challan 280 Form

The Income Tax of India has introduced various challans to pay direct taxes and TDS. Challan 280 is an income tax challan to pay income tax. The challan can be used by and non-corporate for payment of income tax online or offline. This post will show you how to download this challan for paying your income tax. We have also shown how to track Challan 280 status and verification. You can verify details of your tax payment online. ITNS 280 is used to pay income tax through cheque or cash. Tax payment is also made online using ITNS challan. For confirmation, the Tax Information Network also facilitates checking of Challan 280 status. Taxes and TDS are paid through various challans like ITNS 280, 281 and 282. Using this service,Now tax payers can easily track their challan status online deposited in banks.You can download challan 281 form which was given earlier.

After you pay your income tax offline or online, you will be keeping a counterfoil/receipt of the 280 Challan. The counterfoil will be having details like Challan Identification Number. It will also show the amount of tax paid and type of payment. It is very significant to verify that your tax payment is accounted properly in your name. You can carry out this verification process without visiting the collecting banks. The online verification process is a few seconds simple process. We have given below the direct link to check Challan 280 status at NSDL portal. This post will show you, how you can pay your income tax online using challan number 280.

How to Verify Challan 280 Status Online

Follow the below-given procedure using your Challan Identification Number. The online verification process of Challan 280 is available for individuals, corporate as well the collecting banks.

As for tax payers, they should use the option mentioning ‘Tax Payers’. Collecting banks should use the option ‘For Banks’. Find below the link of TIN-NSDL portal:

download challan 280

  1. CIN Based Challan Status Enquiry

Under CIN based challan status enquiry, tax payers need to enter following details:

  • BSR Code of the collecting branch
  • Challan Tender Date
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Tax Amount Paid (optional)

Once you enter all these details, click on view button. The result on the screen will show up following details with your Challan status enquiry details:

  • BSR code of the collecting branch
  • Date of Deposit
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Major Head Code with description
  • Name of Tax Payer
  • Date of receipt of Tax by TIN
  • Confirmation that the amount you have entered is correct (if amount is entered)

If you do not have the Challan serial number, use the TAN based view to see results of selected period.

  1. TAN Based View

Under TAN based view, you need to provide the TAN number and select the date range for the financial year. Follow details will be available on the screen:

  • Challan Identification Number
  • Major head codes description
  • Minor head code
  • Type of payment

If the tax amount is entered, the result will also confirm that the amount is correct.

How to Download Challan 280?

Use below page to Download challan 280 form from of NSDL TIN portal:

At the left vertical bar, you will find an option for Download. Choose the 280 Challan from the drop down menu of Downloads. You will find the ITNS 280 in pdf format. You can print it as well save it in your system.

The online tax accounting system is also known as OLTAS. It allows online payment and verification of taxes. ITNS Challan 280 is used to pay income taxes that are due. You can pay it through the bank by depositing cheque or cash. Online payment of tax is also facilitated at the NSDL portal using net banking. It is highly recommended that you keep track of challan status through or portal. All the relevant information and step by step guide has been covered by our team of experts. All forms can be downloaded from our other portal dedicated for form downloads only. You can visit iforms India for more information.

Whatever way you use to pay your due income tax, it is important to verify its payment. You can start Challan status enquiry after a week from the date of deposit. The counterfoil and the challan identification number is a proof of your tax payment. To avoid any last minute hassle, it is important to confirm challan 280 status at the earliest. You can check challan status of all income tax challan, traffic challan and TDS challans at our site. We have brought online ways of tracking status of all significant challans here. Do not hesitate to reach your queries if any, using the comment feature.

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