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How to Track OLTAS Challan Status

OLTAS challan status refers to Online Tax Accounting System. The online system of tax accounting facilitates the collection of direct taxes from corporate and individuals. All the taxes paid via banks are uploaded online. Online Tax Accounting System was introduced in the year 2004. We have shared here the complete procedure to track a status of your OLTAS challan status. The online tax accounting system takes care of many functions over the TIN NSDL portal. It keeps a record of collected direct taxes, reports payments and shows receipts direct taxes paid online. You should know thew new 2017/18 tax slab introduced earlier this year. Earlier, all government taxes were collected manually through banks. The tedious process eliminated with the introduction of the online system for direct taxes. OLTAS always keep a record of all the tax that has been paid via banks through the uploading of the details of the challan online. You can track status of applied challan via our portal.

OLTAS Challan Status

The online portal of Tax Information Network offers OLTAS challan status enquiry facility. Taxpayers can track the status of their challans. The facility ensures taxpayers that the taxes paid are consolidated in their name. CIN based view and TAN based view are two different ways of tracking OLTAS challan status. The procedures are made quite simple for you to follow. Just go through the below-given steps and check the status of TDS challan ITNS 280, 281 and 282.

OLTAS Challan Status Enquiry Procedure

The TIN portal offers user-friendly tracking tools to verify your payments of taxes. Follow the steps to verify payment of your taxes and OLTAS challan status.

CIN Based View e-challan Status

  1. Visit the OLTAS page by clicking here:
  2. Select CIN based view.
  3. Enter the BSR code of the collecting bank. Also, enter the challan serial number and challan tender date.
  4. Enter the captcha code and click on view button.
  5. You will see confirmation of your payment at TIN.
  6. If you enter the amount, the search will also show the amount accounted.

TAN Based View

  1. Use the same link given above.
  2. Select TAN based view instead of CIN based.
  3. Enter the TAN number and select duration.
  4. Enter the captcha code and select view button.

Besides individuals and corporates, collecting banks can also check the OLTAS challan status. Using their option, they can track tax payments and TDS collected by them. TDS refund status can also be tracked online through the guide given on the aforementioned website.

What is OLTAS?

OLTAS is an online system for transmitting tax data on proven electronic mode. It was initiated to speed up the transmission of data of tax collected by the banks. The collected tax is recorded challan wise as well period wise. Every tax payment is paid in prescribed format of a challan. It is a single copy with a counterfoil at the bottom for acknowledgement. Using the above procedure you can check OLTAS challan status of all these taxes:

  • Challan 280 – Income tax for corporate and non-corporate
  • Challan 281 – TDS
  • Challan 282 – Interest Tax, Securities Tax, Expenditure Tax, Estate Duty, Gift Tax and Wealth Tax
  • 283 – Fringe Benefits Tax and Tax on Banking Cash Transaction

OLTAS system brings various privileges for tax payers and collecting banks. It has given a friendly procedure of single challan. Before OLTAS taxpayers had to fill in four challans instead of a single one. The counterfoil of the single challan offers convenient acknowledgment for tax payment. The Challan Identification Number helps to verify tax payments easily in few seconds. All the details pertaining to the tax payments can be tracked online. In case of confusion, you can always contact your CA or accountant.

Tracking OLTAS challan status will be very simple once you follow the steps carefully. Also, make sure that you start checking OLTAS e-challan status only after a week from the date of deposit. is dedicated to helping users to track status of KVS challan, challan 280,  status of challan 281 and various significant challans. Users can also track TDS challan status and traffic challan status. Timely tax payment is an important liability. Hence, it is equally important to verify their proper accounting in your name.

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